BioLite CampStove 2


• The BioLite CampStove is the gadget which is mainly used while camping or tracking. 

• This stove is the perfect combo of modern technology which can help the users to minimize their worry issues while on camping. 

• This gadget can also be called ‘Electricity Generating Wood Camp Stove’. 

• The second name gives an idea about the working of this gadget. 

• So, coming to the point of it’s uses, we can say that it turns fire into electricity. 


• Talking about the working of the CampStove, the technology which is used for smokeless flames is the combustion technology. 

• The proper working is done in three phases 

1. Heat: The core technology of this gadget captures the waste heat from the fire via heat probe and it is attached to the powerpack. 

2. Electricity: Then, the heat is converted into electricity through a thermoelectric generator. 

• The power in the fan is generated by this and afterwards it sends the electricity to a USB charging port. 

• If there is excess power left then, it will be stored in the provided internal battery. 

3. Air: The injection of air is done by the injection fan into the burn chamber and because of this, the combustion gets improved.


1. Smart LED dashboard which provides real-time feedback. 

2. Internal fan jets for improvised combustion. 

3. Onboard battery of 2600 mAh which can charge devices with or without live fire. 

4. USB charge out with 50% more power. 

5. Scalloped pot stand which can be used for grilling food. 

6. Inclusion of honeycomb heat mesh. 

7. Foldable as well as lightweight aluminum legs. 

8. 3W of generated power to charge devices. 

9. Burns sticks, wood scraps as well as pellets. 

Devices which can be charged 

1. Lights 

2. Power banks 

3. Mobile 

4. Camera

Technical Specification

1. USB output: 3 watts
2. Battery: 2600 mAh 

3. Fan speeds: 4 

4. Weight: 2.06 lbs. (around 935 grams) 

5. Boil time: 4.5 minutes for 1L 

6. Fuel: Biomass 

7. Flex Light: 100 Lumens and powered via USB 

8. Dimensions: 5.0” * 7.91”

Inclusions in a set 

1. CampStove 2 

2. USB cord 

3. Fire starter 

4. Flex Light 

5. Stuff Sack 

6. Instructions of usage


• The price of one set is around $149.95 USD.

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