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• Security of human life and property is one of the paramount challenges facing individuals, corporate organizations or any nation. 

• The problem of insecurity of properties and intrusion into premises dates back as far as the existence of man. One major means of achieving security within a building is through the door access control. 

• The door access control provides security by limiting unauthorized access and possibly taking record of those that passes through it 


• Biometrics Door Lock mainly works on the basis of highly programmed device which will allow the authentication only if the user is authorized. 

• The authorization process in the Biometric Door Lock is not done by any physically existing key but it is done by fingerprint, facerecognition or iris-scan.

• At first, the user needs to enter the biometrics of people he/she wants to give authorization in the database. And then place the lock. 

• Whenever the person needs to unlock the lock, he/she is advised to scan his/her biometrics to get the access granted.

Necessary Checks while buying

1.Availability of Multiple Fingerprints 

2. Built-In-Arm 

3. Live detection of biometrics 

4. Availability of Mechanical Key as a back-up 

5. FRR – False Rejection Rate 

6. Proper Power Source

security threats

• There is no doubt that Biometrics Door Locks are better in comparison to Normal Door Locks. 

• But in this era of rapidly growing technology, there are many threats in using a Biometric Door Lock. 

• Even if the entire Biometric system works on the principle of programs which are developed by a professional, there is a possibility for hackers to find a trapdoor in it and gain access illegally. 

• In fingerprint-based door locks, there is possibility of duplicating an authorized user’s print and then gaining unauthorized access.


1. They provide better security than that of normal locks. 

2. If programmed well then, they can defend any virtual attacks performed by hacker. 

3. Overall design is based on modern technology so, false rejection rate is low.

4. Availability of customization in these locks.


1. There is a threat of trapdoor attack. 

2. If there is no electricity and the mechanical key is unavailable then there may occur some inconvenience. 

3. These kinds of locks are costly so, not everyone can afford it.

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