Cowarobot r1 (Smart Suitcase)


• The Cowarobot r1 is an autonomous suitcase. 

• Nowadays people are tending to accept ease in travelling and the weight of any suitcase is a bit weakening. 

• So, this suitcase is created for the ease of travelers while travelling. 

• As the name ‘Smart Suitcase’ suggests, one can know that it will be capable of doing some mind-blowing work. 

• This suitcase is different from others as there is no need to carry it. 

• This suitcase automatically detects the direction of the owner and follows the owner all by itself. 

• This suitcase is so well developed that if the owner identifies the rover speed and walk in that speed, it will follow the owner just like a loyal puppy. 


• This suitcase works on the basis of algorithms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and by that it automatically follows the owner via radar and camera. 

• This suitcase can be controlled via a smartphone application and can be controlled remotely. 

• Cowarobot r1 works with the connectivity via Bluetooth. 

• This suitcase can also provide proper safety with the help of TSA – compatible smart lock.

 As Cowarobot has an in-built camera which detects the foot steps of the owner, it can adjust the speed according to the movements of the owner. 

• It also contains a power bank for charging purpose.

Features or Advantages 

1. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

2. Contains LED status indicators 

3. Removable Lithium Battery for ease 

4. Contains camera which can detect the movements and adjust speed 

5. Contains built-in power bank 

6. Can be controlled via smartphone app remote control 

7. Can be connected to mobile via Bluetooth 

8. Has alarm and alert tones 

9. Can charge up to 8 mobile phones 

10. ‘Grab and go’ is made auto-switch to manual 

11. Wheels and retraction activators are silent

Technical Specifications 

1. Battery: Lithium Battery (6400 mAh) 

2. Capacity for load: 24 lbs. 

3. Handle type: Ergonomic handle having sensors 

4. Frame: Aluminum 

5. Maximum distance: 12 miles (can be covered) 

6. Lock type: TSA-approved lock

Skins available 

1. Black 

2. Silver 

3. Red 

4. Blue


• The price of Cowarobot r1 is $449 USD which is around Rs. 34,077 INR.

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