Dashbon Mask


• In this situation of pandemic, people are facing a real problem for spending time and so, this is the gadget which will help the user to spend his/her time by letting them watch movies or TV collection with a whole new experience. 

• One can say that it is a wearable movie theatre and can let one play his/her favorite movie from one’s smartphone on a giant screen. 

• It has a high-fidelity sound quality. It looks like a headphone by shape but it is way too modernized to call it a headphone as it is a theatre in itself with ultra-high quality of sound and vision. 

• Dashbon Mask is a delicate model of newest technology whose main purpose is to provide entertainment to people and that also with the cozy as well as heavenly experience.


• Dashbon Mask can be said as the revolutionary device which is basically a combination of a virtual eye-projection display with headphones having high-fidelity sound. 

• The representation of a whole new category of headphonesis done with the help of this gadget. 

• Dashbon Mask is easy to use for users as the company provides every necessary component within the gadget itself and so it is convenient in use. 

• The connectivity of the Dashbon Mask with the mobile is made easier with the help of a HDMI and that is the connection which a user needs to do and not any other connection is required. 

• There is one more interesting thing about the Dashbon mask that it can also work as headphone. 

• For making that possible, the user just needs to flick the switch-off and there it is, the Dashbon Mask will act as headphones without any other changes. 

• A 3.5 mm audio cable is provided which will help you start your headphone after connecting it to the stereo headphone jack of your mobile. 

• Another splendid work of this gadget is that a user can also play games with a theatre like experience. 

Features and Advantages 

1. Inclusion of next generation technology for virtual projection. 

2. High-fidelity sound experience. 

3. Solo theatre. 

4. Immersive viewing experience by connecting HDMI cable to the headphones. 

5. Availability of all in one design. 

6. Perfectly portable. 

7. One can watch movies without glasses (spectacles). 

8. It plays for an individual’s eyes and ears only so, no one can get disturbed. 

9. Also supports gaming within its display. 

10. Up to 4 hours of battery life. 

11. Light weight

Technical Specifications 

1. Display 

• Active liquid crystal LCoS technology 

• 1366 by 768-pixel resolution per eye 

• 45 – degree field of view 

• 100-inch virtual image which can be viewed from 8.7 feet 

• Dual full-color RGB LED-lit 

2. Headphones

• 32 Ohms nominal impedance 

• 40 mm neodymium driver 

• 103 dB sensitivity 

• Less than 1% of THD 

• 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response 

3. Weight

• Weight – 0.94 pound which is around 425 grams 

4. Optics 

• 54 mm to 76 mm of interpupillary distance adjustment 

• Adjustable focus ranges from diopter +2 farsighted vision to -6 nearsighted vision 

5. Video

• HDMI input video which supports up to 1080p resolution 

6. Battery and Power 

• Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 

• Charging can be done via USB power adapter 

• No requirement of power when in music playback mode 

• Up to 4 hours of uninterruptable battery life

Inclusions in one set 

• As mentioned in above details, there are some components which are made available in the box of Dashbon Mask. 

• It contains everything that a user might need like,

1. Dashbon Mask 

2. Micro USB cable which is of 1 m 

3. 3.5 mm audio cable which is of 1 m 

4. HDMI cable which is of 1 m

Available Skins 

• This mask is available in only White skin. 


• The price of the whole set of Dashbon mask is $399 USD.

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