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• Talking about the new generation bands which are simply providing health concerns, there is one more type of new generation band which helps a user to chill and provides ease of access over things. 

• The Gemio band is one of a kind of the band which provides the user the capability to have a great experience of mobile connectivity in an efficient manner. 

• The user is able to make it work efficiently just by connecting it to the mobile. 

• This gadget is said to be unique in its own way from other bands. 

• It has the capability of playing music. It is available in a great range if colors. 

• Different styles are available for different mindsets and features as well. 

• The eye-catching feature of this band is that it has wide range of light effects on itself. 

• This feature makes it even more alluring.


• This band works on the basis of the mesh network. It allows a user to play music from the band itself.

• The music in the band is selected by the application of Gemio or from the mobile connected. 

• The user can connect the band with the mobile via Bluetooth and then the user’s band is all set to provide an astonishing experience of the great technology. 

• This band has the splendid inclusion of LED lights in it self which makes it possible for the user to customize the design of the band according to his/her convenience. 

• If the user doesn’t like the solid color then he/she can change solids into patterns or different design effects. 

• Switching the band’s tile or effect or colors is made easy and simple for the better convenience.

• Users can also pair one another’s bands and then use it for handshake or a high-five. 

• This can be done with the help of pairing the bands because after pairing bands, the Gemio band will notify or we can say alert the user to their friends via detachable tile sets.

Features Advantages 

1. It is light in weight. 

2. Easily affordable. 

3. Inclusion of modern connective technology. 

4. Can easily be connected with the mobile. 

5. Pairing number of bands is simple and easy. 

6. Includes LED light display which adds style. 

7. Inclusion of Bluetooth for connectivity. 

8. It is flexible. 

9. Includes microphone for sending messages or commands. 

10. Includes speakers for playing music. 

11. Availability of millions of colors for display.

12. It is efficient. 

13. It is splash resistant. 

14. Compatible with Android and iOS. 

15. Provides free version of apps for DJ Control effects. 

16. It can be customized. 

17. Provides great orchestrate effects.

Where can it be used? 

• This band is created for entertainment purpose so it can be used anywhere a user wants to like 

1. Parties 

2. Shopping malls 

3. Gardens 

4. Travelling 

5. Cafes 

6. Restaurants 

7. Family gatherings

Technical Specifications 

1. Charging support: USB charging 

2. Radio: Bluetooth Low Energy Radio 

3. Battery life: up to 8 hours 

4. Display: 20 RGB LED array 

5. Band circumference: 5” – 7” 

6. Band size: 2.67” * 2.2” * 6.7” 

7. Compatible OS

• Android 
• iOS


• The price of the Gemio band differs according to the edition. The price of different editions of bands are:

• Gemio band 2 - $39.99 

• Gemio band 3 - $24.99 

• The bonus bundle of Gemio Band 2 which contains 10 bands and 10 extra tiles can be purchased on the rate of $399.00 USD.

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