Hover Shoes

Introduction and history 

• The first Hover Shoes pair was released on May 05, 2018 in Wuhan of China. Those shoes are said to be the 4th category of Self Balancing Vehicles.


• Hover Shoes are the best example of modern technology as the hover shoes can be divided into two completely different parts. 

• Divided parts help user to ride in the larger spaces that too with the marvelous flexibility of their legs. This provides the user a satisfying riding experience.


• As Hover shoes are said to be the improved version of hoverboard, there are similarities in the technology used to design hover shoes and hoverboard. 

• The weight of the hover shoes can differ from 175 pounds to 280 pounds. 

• So, this innovative gadget is a blend of the perfect of the following

1. Battery: As we all know that it stores electrical power, hover shoes also contains battery to assure better performance and that too with a good span of time. Hover shoes comes with highwatt lithium batteries. 

2. Motor: Motor is used to provide the needed power to the hover shoes for proper balancing and to keep the rider upright. 

3. Gyroscope: Gyroscope provides the adjustment feature for movements like tilts as to maintain the balance.

Features or Advantages

1. It is comparatively easier to learn riding with it. 

2. Latest technology is adopted for betterment of flexibility. 

3. Stabilized performance 

4. Textured non-slip foot plates 

5. Consumption of time is less while charging 

6. Provides speed from 6mph to 12mph 

7. Can be customized with ease 

8. Provides wide range for gliding 

9. Waterproof 10. Self – balancing

Well known brands to look for hover shoes

• Below mentioned brands are famous for their models of hover shoes and each brand has variation of features accordingly.  

1. OULV 

2. Razor 

3. Koowheel 

4. Segway  

• Preferred company for purchase of hover shoes is Koowheel which is also known as Shenzhen Jomo Technology Company of Shenzhen, China. 


• The price of hover shoes can vary because of its different features. Basically, one can purchase hover shoes on a price rate from around $60 to $400.

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