Jammy Portable Guitar


• The name itself suggests that the gadget is itself a guitar and it is portable. 

• So, there is a uniqueness regarding the portability of this guitar. 

The uniqueness in this guitar is that it can be dissembled and can be packed into its carrying cases which are included in it for portability in a back-pack or a suitcase. 


• This is an electric guitar which works on the basis of plug and play. 

• The user just needs to plug-In the headphones or an amp using 1/8” jack output. 

• This product contains:

1. Different guitar types 

2. Unique sounds 

3. 11FX pedals


1. Extensive battery life 

2. On board sound inclusion 

3. Plug and play technique 

4. Portable 

5. Alternate guitar tunings 

6. Improvisation in different scales can be done by user. 

7. Light weight 

8. Easily fits in a carry-on 

9. Extremely low latency 

10. Intuitive


1. Built-in sounds are underwhelming 

2. Note tracking is unreliable 

3. Bends as well as slides can’t be used

Available Skins

• The Jammy Portable Guitar is available in black color.

Inclusions in the box 

1. Portable Jammy MIDI Guitar 

2. Strap with buttons 

3. Hex key 

4. Detachable frame 

5. Screwdriver 

6. Set of picks


• The price of Jammy Portable Guitar is $499 USD.

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