Keeback(Digital Backpack)


• Keeback is a modern digital backpack. It is a backpack which is hightech as well as supportive to multimedia.

• Keeback is said to be the first kind of a digital backpack in its own innovative way. 

• It is a simple but multimedia supported backpack with safety measure inclusion. 

• This gadget is complementary to the user’s style. 

• This backpack has unique functionalities and so, it can be said that it is an extraordinary form of a backpack. 

• This backpack does not seem like an ordinary backpack but it looks like a plastic shaped backpack. 

• It has changed the perspective of users upon ‘how can a backpack be used in several different and smart ways?’.

• We can also term this backpack as a ‘Smart backpack’ as it is the next generation of backpacks.


• This backpack is durable. This backpack has an inbuilt display which is flexible RGB display and is customized. 

• It has following display capabilities 

1. 1044 pixels for animation 

2. Text 

3. Music 

4. Spectrometer 

• This backpack works according to the modern technology and so provides amazing performance by playing music, providing display accordingly and much more. 

• The Keeback has enough room for a 13-inch laptop to keep in itself. The Keeback can also charge devices and this functionality makes it cool to use. 

• It also has a GPS which will help user to find if it is kept somewhere far from user with the help of mobile.


• As it is the first of a next generation backpack, it includes mind blowing features like 

1. 8+ L capacity which means a user can fit documents, clothes or can even fit a 13-inch laptop in the Keeback. 

2. It includes GPS for finding purpose if it is kept far away. 

3. UV anti-scratch coating is applied in order to prevent scratches. 

4. Inclusion of open-close latch mechanism with durable anti-theft fasteners. 

5. 4 USB slots are included by placing 2 USB slots outside and 2 USB slots inside. 

6. Inclusion of 13600 mAh battery. 

7. Availability of a flexible RGB display. 

8. Bass speakers with 10W power for deep bass and saturated sound are provided. 

9. Claim to follow the aesthetic design in style. 

10. Easy on/off and fast charging capability. 

11. Shells and straps kit are made changeable

Skins available at the launch 

1. Transparent 

2. Black 

3. White 

4. Grey

Inclusions in the Box (Set)

• As this is a smart gadget, it comes with various objects for efficiency like 

1. Keeback backpack 

2. Charge adapter 

3. Straps kit 

4. Box 

Internal Inclusions 

1. RGB flexible display 

2. GPS tracker 

3. 10W speakers

Technical Specifications 

1. Material: ABS-PC Plastic 

2. Weight: 1950 grams 

3. Charging time: 2 hours 

4. Compatibility: Android/iOS 

5. Battery life: up to 8 hours at maximum volume and up to 16 – 24 hours at medium 

6. Battery: 4X Panasonic NCR18650B (13600 mAh)


The price of Keeback is $399 USD

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