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• It was developed in Portland by Motorized Precision for cinematography.


• Basically “KIRA” is a Camera Robot. 

• In the  modernized world where the clarity and precision play the most important role while performing a video shoot as well as any commercial shoot of any technological gadget.


• Kira is accurately 9-foot-tall and its body is based on metallic material including an arm which is basically a motorized camera system. 

• It contains axis which can articulate like roll, yaw, pan or tilt. The arm is featured with iris gears, focus and zoom.

 Operating method

 Kira can be operated by 2 methods    

1.An XBOX control can help a user to manipulate. 

2. A desktop software named ‘MP Studio’ can be used to manipulate the action.
 Using the 2nd method is effective as the MP Studio is itself developed by the Motorized Precision. This provides the possibility of adjusting the whole movement as well as creating a frame.

Advantages or Features

1. As the camera allows user to dial the speed of each movement and as it also allows the pre-programming of every movement or process, the reaction time of human can be taken out for more efficiency.

2. It can perform every gesture which is programmed by the software in a single shot rapidly. 

Other Information

 1. Shooting speeds
       a. Vertical or Horizontal moves – 4.0mph 
     b. On track horizontal move – 6.5mph 
 2. Temperature 
       a. Minimum – 40-degree F 
     b. Maximum – 131-degree F

  3. Price
 • The price of KIRA is $2,50,000 which is approximately Rs.1,89,35,000 INR.It can be rented on rates like $4,000 which is Rs.3,02,960 INR.

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