Lyfe Levitating Pot


• Everyone in this era tends to have a great perspective in accepting unique and smart belongings. 

• One of these objects include the ‘Lyfe Levitating Pot’. 

• This pot is a way too extraordinary for modern furniture type used for decorating the infrastructure. 

• LYFE is the second creation of FLYTE brand. The feature that makes this pot unique is that it levitates in the air. 

• This pot is used to cultivate plants above the ground level. 

• This pot is designed to bring the ultimate eye-catching concept of growing plants to one’s home. 

• This pot floats in the air and rotates on its axis with the help magnetic field. 

• This effect the life of the air plant that is being grown. 

• The pot is basically a planter and it hovers over an oak base via gently rotating through magnetic levitation. 


• The pot works as its 12-sided geodesic planter rotates in the mid air and different shades appears. 

• It provides the relaxing experience as well as hypnotic experience. 

• The user can experience various shades of the plant as well as the pot from different angles while it twirls. 

• The rotation depends upon what plant the user has inside the pot. 

• The sides are molded from silicon and this makes it tactile and grippy. 

• There is also a secret inner reservoir which allows the water to escape or we can say drain to mitigate the over-watering.

Features or Advantages 

1. It is designed to hover in the air over the base. 

2. Provides eye-catching rotation of the planter in different speeds depending upon the type of plant. 

3. Magnetic field created by base helps to balance the planter. 

4. Helps the air plant to grow faster. 

5. Increases the health of the plant. 

6. The height of the plant increases in comparison to the plants which are grown on the ground. 

7. Provides the growth of plant with zero-gravity. 

8. Includes a reservoir for over-watering. (if happens) 

9. No other friction is applied except for air friction. 

10. Planter and base, both are light in weight.

Technical Specifications 

1. Base dimensions: 154 * 154 * 154 mm 

2. Planter dimensions: 80 * 100 mm 

3. Base weight: 1.300 grams 

4. Planter weight: 240 grams 

5. Capacity of pot: up to 250 grams 

6. AC adapter 

• Input: 100V – 240V/60 Hz 

• Output: 15V 1A 

7. Internal inclusions of pot 

• Lyfe planter 

• Lyfe magnet 

• Lyfe reservoir

Air Plants Available 

• As the specialty of the pot is that it can grow plants at zero-gravity, it also has some specific plants which can be grown in it.  

1. Caput Medusae 

2. Juncea 

3. Brachycaulos Hybrid 

4. Cactus

Skins Available 

1. Olive 

2. Black 

3. Grey 

4. Pink 

5. Terracotta


The planters are only available at these rates in USA and EU. 

• The price of one planter is $299 USD. 

• For two planters, the price is $359 USD. 

• For three planters, the price is $539 USD. 

• One can also buy the pot at the rate of $80 USD.

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