Meural Canvas

History and Introduction  

• Meural canvases are the original product of the company Meural. 

• Meural is an American technology company. 

• Meural was founded in August 2014 and its headquarters are located in New York. 

• Meural canvas is a digital connected canvas which is built to showcase the artwork as well as photography. 

• The photography can be of anything accordingly like,

1. Photos provided by Meural 
2. Photos provided by users. 

• Meural canvases are designed like they look realistic and the paintings or photos getting displayed in it looks lifelike.


• The Meural canvas is the combination of proprietary hardware, software as well as the firmware. 

• According to the company, Meural workers makes most of their canvases and there is availability of 30,000+ Pieces of art by Meural. 

• A user can also program any painting or style to appear at particular times. 

• So, one can have his/her own view to the canvas with his/her choice of paintings and that too with HD display as well as lifelike display. 

• A user needs to purchase the membership to gain the full access to the paintings which are premium. 

• One can manage his/her own painting’s showing time by the Meural Application which is provided with the canvas and the good part is that Meural app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Features or Advantages 

1. Lifelike display 

2. 1080p full HD resolution 

3. Inclusion of ambient light sensors 

4. Automatic adjustment of brightness of screen 

5. Canvas II has features of built-in Wi-Fi 

6. Can be hanged vertically or horizontally 

7. Affordable subscription fee 

8. Meural provided built-in library 

9. Inclusion of SD card reader for user preferences 

10. Glare-free finish

Available colors of frame 

1. Leonora White 

2. Leonora Black 

3. Brown


• The price of Meural canvas is Rs.76,699 INR.

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