Omni Vision

History and Introduction

• OmniVision Technologies Inc. is a cooperation that designs and develops advanced digital image capturing technologies as well as products. 

• This company is owned by China. 

• This company has 5 design centers and a testing facility in Shanghai, China. 

• It comes under semiconductor industry. It was founded in 1990 and its headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California, United states of America. 

• Its main products are Image Sensor Technologies and it serves worldwide. 

• Coming over the main point, OmniVision ov6948 is the winner of the Guinness World Record of ‘The Smallest commercially Available Image Sensor’. 

• It is 0.575 mm * 0.575 mm in size and is developed for small-outerdiameter medical endoscopes and catheters.


• The camera works by offering the exceptional low-light sensitivity of 1000 mV/lux-sec and it also uses the Univision’s proprietary sensor technology for excellent images which defines the color identity, sharpness and low noise. 

• This camera is also used for the hospital purpose as it is small in size and generates less heat. 

• Main use of is in endoscope in hospital.

Features and Technical Specifications 

1. Optical size: 1/36” 

2. Output Format: Analog 

3. Operating Temperature: -20 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius 

4. Technology used: OmniBSitm+ 

5. CFA: RGB Player 

6. Low Power Consumption 

7. Pixel size: 1.75 micrometer 

8. Package dimensions: 575*575 micrometers 

9. Single 3.3V power supply 

10. Package: CSP 

11. Frame rate: Full @ 30 fps 

12. Power requirement: 25 mW 

13. Image area: 364*364 micrometer

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