Open Bionics

History and Introduction 

• Open Bionics is a private company in the industry of Medical devices and healthcare. It was founded in 2014. 

• It is located in Bristol, United Kingdom. The main products of Open Bionics are 3D printed bionic prosthetics. It develops low-cost bionic hands. 

• The company did start by introducing the Hero Arm which is a multi-grip bionic hand. 

The current upper limbs exist as hooks, grippers or expensive bionic hands.


• The Open Bionics arms mainly works on the basis of modern technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

• At Open Bionics, the main aim is to turn children with limb differences into bionic heroes. 

• The bionic arm works by picking signals from the wearer’s muscle. 

• To be more specific, when the user wears the bionic arm and flexes his/her muscles in their limb just below their elbow, the special sensors which are located in the bionic arm detects tiny electric signals which are generated naturally and then, convert them into proportional bionic hand movements. 

• Shortly, we can say that the bionic arms work by controlling the hand movements after testing the muscles.

Technologies which are used 

• Following technologies are used to develop the perfect bionic arm.

1. Electromyography 

2. Artificial Intelligence

Types of Hand Movements 

• There are many types of hand movements which are provided by the bionic arm

1. Grab 

2. Pinch 

3. High – five 

4. Fist and hook 

5. Tripod 

6. Customized grips 

Features or Advantages 

1. Use of Advanced Technology 

2. Affordable 

3. Easily adjustable 

4. Intuitive notifications 

5. Effortless 

6. Haptic vibrations are provided 

7. Inclusion of beepers and buttons 

8. Lightweight 

9. Ability to lift up to 8 kgs 

10. Easily cleanable 

11. Long battery life 

12. Multi-grip versatility 

13. Availability of freeze mode 

14. Breathable socket for challenging environments 


• The prosthetic can cost up to $6,980 USD which is affordable in comparison of other surgeries or other arms.

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