Oura Ring (can predict COVID-19 symptoms three days early)

Introduction and History 

• In April, it was set out that prediction of symptoms can be done before they appear by the help of Oura Rings which are wearable on hands. 

• The research was carried out by researchers of RNI (Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute) of WVU (West Virginia University). 

• In the current time, the researchers are tending to claim that their digital platform can detect COVID-19 related symptoms and that also 3 days early.


• The technique which is used in the detection of the symptoms is purely based on neuroscience. 

• The users are asked to track the following terms 

1. Cognitive Biometrics

2. Psychological Biometrics

3. Memory

4. Stress Level 

• In Oura, there is the term psychology that is used often and it contains data like

1. Heart rate variations 

2. Respiratory rate 

3. Patterns of sleep 

4. Temperature of body The data is analyzed and collected with Artificial Intelligence – guided models. 


1. 90% accuracy rate 

2. Light weight 

3. Stress and anxiety levels can be tracked


• Though it gives proper results through its 90% accuracy rate there is still 10% chance that the results are incorrect. 

• For example, if 1000 people use this system then, 100 people may still get incorrect results.

Future Assumptions

• A research is going on by the researchers of UCSF (University of California San Francisco) on ‘how Oura Ring might be helpful in detecting the virus in emergency medical workers?’.


• The price of current generation of Oura ring is $300.

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