Phillips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light

Introduction and History 

• The concept of the simulation of dawn got patented in 1890 for the first time. They named it as ‘mechanical sunrise’. 

• It evolved by time and later after many researched the final model of ‘Phillips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light’ was made. 

• Only Phillips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light is approved clinically for the ’90 days no hassle money back guarantee’.


• For instance, Dawn Simulation is a technique that is used to make the user fall asleep calmly and wake up with proper rest. Shortly, it helps the user to relax and wake-up refreshed. 

• The concept of this light is purely based on the study that is done on natural sunlight and because of that, these lights uses unique combinations of light and sound to wake a person in a more natural way and that too in his/her bedroom. 

• The simulation of relaxing sunset like atmosphere helps the user to wind down for bedtime as the person gets calm by time resulting in the betterment of sleep.

Features or Advantages 

1. Colored sunrise simulation wakes user. 

2. Colored sunset simulation relaxes the user for bedtime. 

3. The user can choose from 5 different natural wake up sounds. 

4. An FM radio is included in it to let the user to wake up with his/her favorite radio show. 

5. The display gets dim automatically by itself when the bedroom gets dark. 

6. The user just needs to tap the product for snoozing it. 

7. The light is provided with 20 different brightness level settings which can fit according to the user preference. 

8. The display also contains 4 different brightness levels for adjustment. 

9. Easy to use.

Technical Specifications

1. Inclusion of anti-slip rubber feet. 

2. Snooze type – Smart Snooze 

3. Inclusion of instore demo function. 

4. For human safety, these lights are UV – free. 

5. The light intensity is 300 Lux. 

6. Sunrise simulating process is adjustable from 20 – 40 minutes. 

7. The length of cord is 150 cm. 

8. It requires the power of 16.5 W. 

9. The power output adapter is of 12 W. 

10. Release of frequency is about 50/60 Hz. 

11. ‘Lumiled Luxeon Rebel’ type of lamp is used. 

12. The weight of the product is 1.113 kg. 

13. The weight of power plug is 99 grams.


• A person can buy Phillips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up light on price rate that differs from $99.99 to $199.

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