Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

History and Introduction

• The announcement of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum was done on August 31st, 2016. It is officially produced by Roborock and it was released under Xiaomi’s platform. 

• The Roborock S6 series was presented in June 2019 in America and in May 2019 in Europe. So, it can be said that first sale was done in Europe. 

• It is purely a great blend of modern technology which consists of sensors, noise deduction and an efficient cleaning device.


• This vacuum has the capability of sweeping and mopping the floor at the same time. 

• The modular design of the product helps it to spend less time when fiddling with parts and maintenance. 

• Every room of the house is mapped by laser detector and then the scheduling of cleaning specific rooms is done. 

• It has the capability of scheduling the cleaning of specific rooms or a whole floor at day or night. 

• The S6 series has the suction power to lift a steel ball bearing. As is has the inclusion of hyperforce suction, it can also pull up every single particle from deep inside the carpet. 

• It is developed o the basis of modern day needs which includes more things from technology and so the design is made smarter to avoid noise and automatic detection of things or obstacles with the help of sensors.

Features or Advantages 

1. It goes in the direction where the user wants accordingly on the basis of schedule. 

2. Multi-level mapping system is included in it so that it can sense the different levels of home flooring with precision with the help of LiDAR scanning. 

3. Every floor can have any no-go zones or no-mop zones. 

4. Every floor can have invisible walls scheduled in the gadget. 

5. Customizable room sequencing helps user to notify the robot about which room should be cleaned first or last. 

6. The suction of S6 series is effectively constant. 

7. It also provides voice control with the support of ‘Amazon Alexa’. 

8. It has the capability to keep the air at home fresh as it captures 95% of allergens including pollen and moid. 

9. It is comparatively 50% less noisy than S5 series as it includes sound suppression design. 

10. It can sweep and mop at the same time. 

11. The mop pads which are used in it are disposable. 

12. It is modular so its maintenance is easy. 

13. Up to 3 hours of nonstop cleaning.

Technical Specifications

1. It includes a 5200mAh Lithium Ion battery. 

2. It contains integrated cable. 

3. Its horsepower is about 15,000 rpm.

Available Skin Colors 

1. White 

2. Black

3. Peachy Skin


The price of Roborock S6 series robot vacuum is $650.

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