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As the name suggests, the Scanmarker Air is the kind of marker which we can use for scanning. To be more precise, the scanner itself is created in a compact manner. 

Scanmarker Air doesn’t need any kind of scanning components as well as any huge components to make it work but, it is a compact version so it is not a complicated gadget. 

This is a modern technology-based device, so it contains some surprising features just to make everything which is scanned simpler and easier. 

This scanner has the capability to turn the printed text into modification enabled text via some of the applications. It can also scan barcode or BVR. 

This marker has the capability to read codes like UPC and EAN.


The Scanmarker Air uses the patented image processing technology for scanning different variants. 

The working of the Scanmarker Air is so simple. The flow of getting an incredible form of output is as follows 

1. The printed text firstly gets scanned. 

2. The scanned input is captured as the raw image. 

3. The raw image is instantly processed to a high-quality image. 

4. This high quality can then be recognized by any OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. 

The gadget can directly scan on to the web browser or we can also say any computer application. 

Scanmarker Air supports over 40 languages which also includes some of the traditional languages. 

It also has text-to-speech capability for people who have any kind of disability. This can also be used as a memorization tool.

Supported Applications 

1. Microsoft Word 

2. Gmail 

3. Facebook 

4. Microsoft Excel 

5. Microsoft PowerPoint 

6. Google Drive 

Features or Advantages

1. It is light weight. 

2. Supports over 40 OCR languages. 

3. It is efficient. 

4. Provides the capability of text-to-speech output. 

5. Can read EAN (European Article Number). 

6. Can read UPC (Universal Product Code). 

7. Can recognize BVR (Biometric Voter Registration). 

8. Can read Barcode. 

9. Compatible with many applications. 

10. Gives precise output. 

11. Compatible with different operating systems. 

12. Can be easily connected to devices via Bluetooth. 

13. Contains powerful inbuilt battery and can be charged via USB. 

14. Provides accurate results. 

15. It is wireless. 

16. Can be connected to computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Technical Specifications 

1. Inbuilt battery type: Lithium Battery 

2. Battery weight: 0.05 grams 

3. Battery energy content: 0.7-watt hours 

4. Battery voltage: 3.7 volts 

5. Dimensions: 12.7 * 2.29 * 1.78 cm 

6. TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice: Natural Voice 

Supported Operating Systems 

1. iOS 

2. Mac 

3. Android 

4. Windows


The price of the Scanmarker Air is $129 USD. 

It is available on amazon on rate of Rs. 26,729 INR. (Currently)

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