Tilt Brush

Introduction and History

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• ‘Tilt Brush’ is a 3D-painting application, which is available from Google. It is a room-scale 3D-painting VR (Virtual Reality) application and originally developed by SKILLMAN & HACKETT.  

• It was initially released on April 05, 2016 and the main developer is GOOGLE 


• The access of this application is compatible with the following Operating Systems
a) Microsoft Windows 
b) Play Station 4 

• Users are equipped with a virtual palette. This palette contains variations of brush and colors from which a user can select his/her choice of color or brush. 

• There is controller which is handed to the user and the movement of this handheld controller in the 3D space creates strokes of brush which are to be followed by the virtual environment. 

• Creation of room-scale VR pieces can also be exported in the following formats
i) .fbx (Film Box)

ii) .usd (Universal Scene Description) 

iii) a.json (JavaScript Oriented Notation)

Various Applications

1. Capturing Snapshots 

2. Animated GIF Images 

3. .mpeg videos 

4. Render 360-degree Videos

Features or Advantages 

1. Inclusion of dynamic brushes 

2. Availability of Intuitive interface 

3. Various Toolkits 

4. Poly Integration 

5. Audio reactive features 

6. Easy import of sketches into Unity Editor

Where is it available? 

• The Tilt Brush is available on the following sites

i. STEAM – store.steampowered.com 

ii. Humble Store – humblebundle.com 

iii. VIVE – viveport.com 

iv. Oculus – oculus.com 

v. PlayStation Store – playstation.com

Awards won by Tilt Brush 

1. 2017 – Interactive Award for VR/AR 

2. 2017 – Best of Innovations: VR 

3. 2017 – 2 Gold Lions (Innovation, Digital Craft) 

4. 2017 – Silver Lion 

5. 2018 – Best of VR: Interactive, Game or Real-time

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