Video Doorbell

History and Introduction 

• An entrepreneur named Jamie Siminoff introduced the very first smart doorbell which is the Ring Video Doorbell in 2013. 

• A Smart Doorbell is a kind of doorbell which is connected to internet and it notifies smartphone or any other connected device of the home owner whenever a visitor arrives at the door. 

• The main aim to create such a gadget is to maintain track on the safety of the house as the owner can watch the visitor through the mobile application and authorize the person personally. 

• Some smart doorbells are developed in a way that it can allow the user to open the door by remote access with the smart lock.


• The smart doorbell efficiently lets the owner of the home use an application of smartphone to watch and also talk with the visitor. 

• This can be done with the help of its built-in high definition infrared camera and microphone. 

• The owner of the house can get notification on his/her mobile application via two different ways 

1. When the doorbell gets activated when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell. 

2. When the sensors which are present in the doorbell senses a visitor via motion sensors. 

• As mentioned above, some smart doorbells are also connected with the smart door locks which are basically connected via internet and can also be monitored with the help of particular mobile application so the owner has two ways to authorize any visitor.

Privacy Issues that can be faced

• In UK, the researchers of Pen Test Partners did the analyzation of these smart doorbells and in the conclusion, they stated that there is threat of attackers who might attack the internet system and can gain access over the property. 

• There is also a possibility that the attacker can unscrew the doorbell ring and by pressing the SETUP button and accessing the configuration URL. 

• There is a slight possibility that the attacker might get the access to the camera database and be able to see the live footage of the front.

Featured or advantages

1. The home insurance bill can be decreased. 

2. Two-way audio transmission. 

3. Proper compatibility with user’s smartphone and smartphone operating system. 

4. The value as well as safety of your home is increased. 

5. The guesswork can be taken out of the receiving deliveries. 

6. HD video feed. 

7. The work to screen the visitors can be done easily.

8. It’s an efficient visual deterrent. 

9. The footage is also available. 

10. Full color night vision capability. 

11. Wide-angle camera lens.

Best Smart Doorbells in Market 

• Below mentioned doorbells are the best available doorbells which are popular and highly recommended 

1. SkyBell WiFi Doorbell 

2. Ring Video Doorbell 

3. Nest Hello Video Doorbell 

4. August Doorbell Cam Pro 

5. Arlo Video Doorbell


• The price of these doorbells can vary from Rs. 5,999 INR to Rs. 34,999 INR according to company, features and size.

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