Vigo Camera Gadget


• VIGO is developed by Motorized Precision which is located in Portland, Oregon. 

• Motorized Precision is a highly rated gadget development company which prepares motorized robots


• VIGO is a motorized camera robot which can be used for cinematography as well as in the direction field of a film. 

• It works on principles of thoroughly precise video recording. It can be compared with the ‘KIRA’ or ‘MIA’.


• VIGO is nearly 8.5-feet tall which is 2.6 meters and that really makes sure of height reaching capabilities being better. 

• For acquiring undoubtably accurate and clearly a best shot, articulation of the arm which are tilt, yaw, pan or roll is provided on this metallic body of VIDO. 

• The iris is also featured with zooming capabilities for better performance. 

• It sits on a concrete floor but for that it needs its MOBILE BASE. The power requirements of VIGO is Single Phase 110.

Operating methods

1. An XBOX control can help a user to manipulate the flow.

2. A desktop software named ‘MP Studio’ can be used to manipulate the actions of shooting. 

• Using the 2nd method is effective as the MP Studio is itself developed by the Motorized Precision. 

• This provides the possibility of adjusting the whole movement as well as creating a frame. User can predetermine the direction through the software. 

Advantages or Features

1. Unlike humans, VIGO is capable of capturing swift as well as precise shots on one click.

2. As the camera allows user to dial the speed of each movement and as it also allows the pre-programming of every movement or process, the reaction time of human can be taken out for more efficiency.

3. It can perform every gesture which is programmed by the software in a single shot rapidly.

Other Information

1. Shooting speeds: 

 a. Vertical or Horizontal moves – 3.0mph 
 b. On track horizontal move – VIGO can’t provide the capability of on-track horizontal move

2. Temperature

a. Minimum – 23-degree F 
b. Maximum – 122-degree F


• The price of VIGO is *$199148.10 which approximately *15000000 Indian Rupee.

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