How To Make a Money Making Blog Post

What is Blog Actually About?

how to make a money making blog post
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 Do you want to earn money by making profit making blog?..Umm..I think yes, you want to earn money by making you are at perfect place..

• First of all let me understand you about What is blog??

• So here my answer is, Blog is about writing your own thoughts in a paper in such a way that your readers wait for you everyday to read your latest blog post.

• Blog is always in written format like news articles.

How to choose an attractive topic for your blog post??

• Let me understood this term in an easier way..

• Suppose in your mind you thought that, "I want to make a blog on "Technology"...So, now you have to choose your blog topic for term "Technology".

• If you see on google there is so many blogs on technologies so can you start with "Technology"??..My answer is "Absolutely Yes"...

• Remember one thing that, "Your content is the KING for successing your blog", so don't worry if your choosen topic is available on net.

How to make a perfect blog post??

• After choosing your blog topic, now it comes to your post that how you can make a perfect blog post.

• For that you have to choose your post's name [like: your are making a blog on "Samsung Mobile" under the blog of "Technology"].

• After choosing your post name, now it turns to write content.

• Always remember that If you want to make a money making blog "Your content must be unique".

• If you do copy and paste the content from the internet then your blog will never grow, so always remember that "write content from your own ideas."

• Always write an attractive title for your blog post. [Like: for samsung galaxy s10, your attractive title will be like this -> Samsung Galaxy S10 - Price In India | Full Specification | Details]

• After the creation of title it comes to main body part for your blog content.

• While writing the content of your selected topic [Like: Samsung Galaxy 10], always remember to make Heading for that post using H1 tag [Like: Introduction].

• Under that heading section, write content releted to that heading [Like: Introduction].

• Don't write your content in paragraph, always write your content using bullets and write maximum 1-2 sentence in each bullet.

• Make atleast 8-9 headings in your each posts [Like: Introdunction, Hardware, Camera, Camera Features, Display Features, etc].

• You must have to do "On Page SEO" and "Off Page SEO"..Checkout this post to see fully SEO based post.

• SEO will help you to rank in google search

How much length is needed for your blog post??

• To get rankings on google search, your content must be of 500 - 1500 words.

• Always try to make your content more eco-friendly...and never make content that harms human rights.

• Add minimum 1 photo to your blog post, and remember that always choose your image "Copyright Free"


1) Can we earn from making blogs??

My Ans - Why not??...Absolutely "Yes"..If your content is well designed and your content is high then obviously traffic will increase on your blog and you can earn from applying your blog in adsense programs like Adsense/

2) Length is necessary to make a successfull blog post??

My Ans - Minimum 300-400 words are necessary for your each blog post.

3) Can we start blogging and earn money as a student??  

My ans - Sure Brother/Sister...There is no age for earning money..It's upto your hard working and willing power.

4) On which platform we can start to write a blog??

My ans - You can start on Blogger/Wordpress...But If I tell you personally you have to strat writing a blog on "Blogger".

Do comment your doubts and let me know on which topic I make my next post regarding blog

Thank you for visiting my blog:)

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