How To Make SEO Friendly Blog Post

Step 1 - Title of the post

how to set blog title,how to set blog title in blogger
• Title is the most important aspect in any blog post.

• Your blog post's title will be your game changing feature.

• If your title will be attractive then anyone come to your site, which will increase your traffic on blog.

• Suppose you search Oneplus Nord on google and you will see many results for that and you see first 2 links like this 1) OnePlus Nord 2) OnePlus Nord - Price | Full Specification | Detail.

• On the above 2 option which one will you choose??....Obviously you will choose 2nd option, because you get attract from that title.

Step 2 - Heading

how to set heading in blogger,how to set heading in blogger post
• Always remember that never write any content in paragraph.

• Always write your content under each heading.

• With the help of headings your user will understand the topic easily, and user will read it freely.

• Make minimum 5-6 heading on each post.

• Your heading name must be simple [Like: General Information, Camera Features, Hardware Features].

• Make your heading in H1 tag.

Step 3 - Content

how to write content in blog post,how to write content in blogger

• You have to write minimum 500-600 words content on each post.

• If you want to improve your rankings on google search you have to write content of minimum 700-1500 words.

• Your content must be eco friendly and it doesn't have to harm human rights.

• Always remember "Good content is the king in blog market".  

Step 4 - Off Page SEO

how to do off page seo in blogger

• Off Page SEO means you have to submit your post link in Google Search Console.

• You have to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest like social platform.

• Share your post as much as possible.

• Add your site/blog on Google Analytics.  

Step 5 - On Page SEO

• On page SEO you have to set these things, 1) Interlinking of your posts, 2) Permalink, 3) Search Description, 4) Label

• We will discuss this topics below.

Step 6 - Interlinking of your posts

how to interlink blog posts,how to interlink blog posts in blogger

• On page SEO means, your all of the blog post must be interlinking.

• For ex, If I make total 3 post, and names are 1) ABC 2) XYZ 3) PQR.

• After that in ABC post I give interlinking to XYZ and PQR post.

Step 7 - Permalink

how to set permalink in blogger,how to set permalink in blog post

• Permalink will play most important aspect for your blog traffic.

• If I want to make a permalink of OnePlus Nord then I will go to google and search "OnePlus Nord".

• In search the first 5 search results will be our permalink for that post.

• Ex of permalink : oneplus-nord-5g-price-in-india

Step 8 - Search Description

• Search description is like explanation of your post in 1-2 sentence.

• Ex of search description : oneplus nord is the best model in oneplus series.

Step 9 - Label

how to make label in blogger,how to make label in blog post

• If you make posts on 6 different samsung products, then your Label will be like this: Samsung.

• So, when user click on Samsung label they will directly redirect to your 6 samsung products.

Step 10 - Image Optimization

image optimization in blogger,image optimization in blog post

• Image optimization is like optimize your post.

• Your image must be copy right free.

• If you don't find copy right free images then you can give image credit to your downloaded image.

• You must to give name and alt text to your image.   

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